Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Japan: Kyushu 31: Nightly entertainment and Onsen

In the evenings, we'd be served a huge set dinner. Since we are near the ocean, it was always fish...a lot of sashimi on this trip. Then afterwards, karaoke was our nightly form of entertainment.

Later, it was onto the Onsen. The Onsens were located on the 2nd floor. Men and Women are separate because you have to be naked to go in. Definitely not for the shy. Japanese do not have a problem being naked in front of each other. It is part of culture at public baths, onsens, even at my gym there is a shared soaking tub. However, the number one rule is that you have to take a shower and rinse clean before you can go in. No towels, bathings suits or anything is allowed in the water to dirty it up. Inside the Onsen you strip, go to one of the showers provided and clean yourself, then go soak in the hot springs. The air smells like sulfur but it is extremely relaxing. Particularly the outdoor one that is surrounded by a garden. Website of pics of the Onsen inside:

Everyone walks around the hotel in their yukata (me in mine)