Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Taiwan: Tainan 23 - Night and Food market, Temple and Anping Fort

After a couple days in Taipei, we traveled to Tainan. Tainan is a city in southern Taiwan where my Grandma and other relatives live. By car, it is a 4 hr. trip; by plane, it is a 45 min. flight for roughly $60 one-way. We spent 3 days at my Grandma's house. Here are some of things we experienced:

Food market - Food markets exist everywhere in Taiwan. Fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are abundant. But beware the food market has a very distinct smell that I have never smelled anywhere else before but can recognize in an instant

Night market - People come out to play at the night markets in Tainan. Every night of the week there is as night market, but where depends on the day. Night markets are filled with vendor stalls selling everything from food, clothes, shoes, accessories to jewelry and toys. They are very cheap and you are expected to bargain and negotiate everything down. I love night markets where I can buy the cutest shoes for $10 or less. Also to be aware of, some vendors will not let you try on clothing so that is the trade off for their prices.

Temple -

Anping Gubao - also known as Anping Fort or Fort Zealandia, is a historical landmark. Construction began in 1624 and finished during the Ming dynasty 1640. It has been occupied by first the Dutch, then the British destroyed most of it, and finally during the Japanese occupation, it was razed to the ground. The steps and walls have been rebuilt and is now a sightseeing landmark for visitors.