Thursday, January 26, 2006

Japan: Hiroshima 28 - Oysters and Karaoke

Hiroshima is famous for it's oysters. Apparently people come from all over the world not only to visit Peace Park, but also to eat this delicacy. So the Oyster Conclave restaurant is exactly where we went when Lance's Japanese co-workers threw a small Welcome Party for me. In the States I don't typically eat oysters. The times I have tried raw oysters I eat them with a ton of cocktail sauce and swallow them whole. Unfortunately this method cannot be applied to Hiroshima oysters because they are HUGE. If I wasn't mistaken, I'd have to assume they were either injected with horomones or are the gianormous ancestors of the dinosaur age, from which oysters originated. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture to post on my blog. Let's just say you cannot swallow them whole unless you want to choke.

The first course was raw oysters sprinkled w/salt and lime juice, next grilled oysters topped w/chopped tomotoes, then oysters Rockerfeller, next oysters on a bed of oyster rice, next oyster. At the end I was completely oystered out and do not want to eat any for a long long time.

Afterwards we did the next favorite Japanese past time which is to sing Karaoke! All Asian countries love it. We went to a Karoake establishment (much like the KTVs in Taiwan). It's almost like a hotel where you rent your own small room for a couple hours. The room is equipped w/an awesome sound sytem, TV, couches and tables. You get to sing your heart out in front of only your party of people. Also a server comes by every now and then to serve you any drinks or food orders. Lance's coworkers sang many Japanese songs. I was floored by how many American songs were available... including many recent songs. I sang appropriate songs in front of his coworkers, that I hadn't heard in a long time: Madonna, Bangles, Lisa Loeb, Beach Boys... Next time I want to go just w/Lance so we can sing inappropriate songs, get drunk and embarrass ourselves. They even had Busta Rhymes and Tupac...

Check out pic of how into it his coworker is: