Thursday, December 15, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 19 - Ordering Pizza

Finally I have recovered from the flu and sore throat to catch up on my blog.

Tonight Lance has dared me to order pizza. We receive many mouth-watering brochures for food delivery on a daily basis in the mail. Hiroshima residents LOVE Italian food. There are many many pizzerias and Italian restaurants.

The idea of ordering seems quite simple at first. I try to web-order for easier communication. WRONG. Try ordering on this site:
I got so far as the 2nd webpage.

I call in and upon listening to a 5 minute soliloquy of what I can assume are daily specials, I had to ask 5 times if I reached "Chicago-Pizza." Thankfully it's the right number and though I spell my name 4 times, she writes it down as E-I-I-M. I order a large crispy crust pizza called the Mama Mia for $33.00. It is divided into 4 quarters and has different toppings on each. Pizzas here like to put lines of mayonnaise and things like shrimp and asparagus on it, among the the common toppings we like in the US.

A delivery guy shows up what seemed like only 5 minutes and the pizza is delicious. I do discover one of the toppings is anchovy with pepperoni and onions. But the other toppings include chicken terikyaki and broccoli, another is sausage, corn, asparagus and lines of mayonnaise. Oishii desu!