Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Taiwan: Taipei 22 - Food

The food in Taiwan is yummy and the variety of food was so good to have after being in Japan.

Here is a fresh fruit cart that are sold everywhere. Taiwan is like a tropical island so the weather is not cold even in winter and the fruit is sweet and delicious year round. Some of my favorites are ones that are not sold in the US - wax apples, HUGE guavas and asian pears, yellow watermelon, some fuschia looking fruit with black seeds and whatever that green thing is called in the pic:

The food court in Taipei 101 is amazing, and filled with a variety of different choices. Lance got his fill of Korean food:
And we went to the Famous Taiwan restaurant - Din Tai Fung. Known for their xiao long bao and dumplings. The dough skins are made so thin and need to be eaten with a spoon because the hot broth spills out. From the time it opens til closing, it is busy non-stop. The line to get in is always long and many Japanese tourist go there to eat. . Check out the pics of all the workers who make them around the clock.