Sunday, December 18, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 20 - Things I do not understand

I'd like to dedicate this posting of Things I Don't Understand to my Dry Cleaner: J-Cleaning (aka Jackass).

1. Why does "Jackass" come to our house to deliver and pick up our drycleaning at all hours of the night? He has come by 10:30pm before and never shows on the day he says he will. He also just lost our biggest orders of 12 shirts and has given us other people's clothes. Why?

2. Why do they only issue one type of uniform to Japanese schoolgirls? I see these poor girls in short skirts freezing outside, while it is snowing.

3. Why are there so many coins in Japan? 100 Yen and 500 Yen come in the form of a coin. That is equivalent to a $1 and $5. You can only imagine how quickly you'll spend money here.

4. Why is Japanese so hard to learn? For every phrase there is way to say it casually, casual politely, politely, more politely and formally politely. Men and women also have different ways to speak.

5. Why are there point cards for every store? I've been here 3 weeks and already have membership and point cards to 10 different stores. I'm sure I'll be collecting more soon.

6. Why is there smoke in No Smoking sections?

7. Why do they keep playing the same Japanese commercials over and over and over and over....during every commercial break?

8. Why are so many girls pigeon-toed?

9. Why are there noodles in everything we eat? Lance thinks it's a conspiracy, he claims they hide them. Even in foods that don't look like there are noodles involved, just lift it and there are noodles underneath.

10. Why did I buy these gross chicken things tonight? I wondered why this pack of chicken pieces were so cheap. After I cooked them and took a bite, turns out they were chicken fat.