Monday, February 13, 2006

Japan: Hiroshima 33 - Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Just a short blurb on Valentine's Day in Japan. In the past couple weeks, there have been chocolate ads everywhere for Valentine's Day....from bakeries to department stores. Yesterday, I was at Anderson department store and there was an insane line out the door of just women. Apparantly Valentine's Day is a hallmark holiday that requires Japanese women to buy chocolates for men. Men give nothing on Valentine's Day. The women buys two kinds of chocolates:

1. Love chocolates - For the man in her life be it a boyfriend or husband
2. Obligation chocolates - For the men at work and friends. Many American men mistaken this as a token of affection from Japanese women. But not to worry, this is merely obligation candy.

However on March 14, it is the man's turn to buy a woman gifts on White Day. He can give her chocolates, a scarf or such. However, it should be double the price of what she gave him on Valentine's Day. Yeah, He better recognize! Pierre Marcoloni chocolates are available in Tokyo for $80 per 25 pieces. Call it insurance, she's just ensuring she'll get a phat gift in return!

Current article on Valentine's Day in Japan: