Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Japan: Kyoto 39 - Arashiyama

First day in Kyoto we when to Arashiyama:

Arashiyama is northwest of Kyoto and was recommended to us by our Japanese teacher. It was alot of fun. Here are the highlights:

Togetsukyo Bridge
The landmark it is known for is the Togetsukyo Bridge, means "crossing moon bridge". It was once an all wooden bridge (however, now reinforced w/concrete). Across this bridge, we found the Monkey Park Iwatayama...

Monkey Park Iwatayama
Very cool. As we started the long climb up this mountain, there were no monkeys in sight. I figured this might be one of those tourist hoaxes to get you to pay an admission fee and say sorry the monkeys are sleeping. However, as you get closer to the top, there are monkeys galore! I have never been so close to a monkey in my life. They're not even bothered by people. They'll sit next to you and not even care. There is a feeding area at the top where you can buy apples or bananas to feed them. They're very greedy and smart. Be aware the little boogers will reach thru the fence and grab the whole bag right out of your hands. Then 30 seconds later, all I saw was the plastic bag floating down from the roof. I hope he got sick.

Bamboo Grove
It's a bamboo grove.