Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 10 - Crash and Hondori

Picture 1: snapshot of part of Hondori. Check out Little Bo Peep on the right. Don't ask.

Picture 2: Now we know where Bo Peep got her outfit.

Picture 3: Japanese Goth. Left one is a man's outfit. I know what to buy Lance for Christmas!

Due to the demands of my fans (both of them). They have requested I acknowledge and post a
quote about my accident the other day. Here it is:

"I crashed my bike. It hurt. I am still in pain."

Ok, enough said. No more talk about the accident.

Today I went to Honduri. This is the name of a street that refers to a huge shopping area in downtown. It's similar to an outdoor/indoor mall. Tons of stores and people. There are high end shops right next to 100 Yen or streetwear stores. There are also many foreigners. Though, most everyone here thinks I am Japanese. I have been accosted and held hostage by sales people in the hopes that I am dumb enough to buy a $30 dinner plate. Almost did. Then I open my mouth and I can see their expression transistion from hopeful to one of disappointment, that I am in fact a stupid American. Speaking of which I was a bit homesick today. Nothing McDonald's won't cure. Had a double cheeseburger meal w/fries. Tasted the same to me and it was $5.30 Not bad.

Under this plethora of shopping, there is also underground shopping! Yes, another vulnerable opportunity to go in debt! It's great. Lance has implemented shopping control in the form of a really small bike basket. He says it keeps me from buying things because I can only take home as much as my bike can carry....I'm thinking of installing 2 more in the back.