Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 3 - Garbage and Toilets

The garbage system here is something else. The thing about Japan is that it is insanely clean! That is the first impression you will notice when you arrive. The irony? There is no litter on the streets, yet you cannot find a public trash can. You will see no graffitti or smell stinky trash anywhere.

So how does this affect home life - try separating your own trash into 8 different types. We have 5 trash cans in our kitchen. Trash is picked up daily. We have to put it out before 8:30am, but cannot put it out the night before. Certain types of trash have designated days. We don't dare mess up because the Trash Nazis are ready to fingerpoint if you so much as place a tiny piece of paper in plastics. Lance swears they open the bags just for the pleasure of it.
The types of trash are as follows: Combustible garbage, PET bottles (plastic), Recyclable plastics, Other plastics, Incombustible garbage, Recyclable garbage, Toxic garbage, and Large garbage. Ya, good luck, we'll need it.

My other favorite thing about our apartment are our toilets. Some Japanese toilets have bidets. Ours have heated seats! Big deal you think, until you've sat down on a toasty seat with temperature control. You'll want to settle down with a magazine or take a nap.