Monday, November 28, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 7 - Outfits/Trends and Shopping

The shopping here is incredible. Similar to other Asian countries, one single deparment store can be 12 floors high. And VERY expensive. For example, the Coach stores here havethe same purses as in the U.S. but are priced at $100 -$300 more. The purse Lance bought for me for my birthday in Michigan, retails for $600 here! No wonder all those Japanese toursits go nuts and bulk buy when they go to the States.

The trendy outfits in Hiroshima are tiny mini skirts. Especially the pleated ones, with tall boots. And little shrugs w/fur collars. All women are dressed very nicely, whether it is for business or to look trendy. And most wear skirts. The trendy stores play loud American rap music, expletives and all. The nicer stores play American Christmas music (If I have to hear what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas one more time....).

Also for some reason, it seems like %60 of the women I see are pigeon toed. Not sure if this is a learned trait or maybe it's just cool. It's alarming, I dont' know how they walk..they all drag their stilettoed feet pigeon toed. And it is strange to feel tall here, but at 5'4" , I do.