Monday, November 28, 2005

Japan: Hiroshima 8 - Book & 100 Yen stores

Lance and I love to read and have a found a great bookstore that takes up an entire floor of a department store that is connected to the train station. They have one long aisle dedicated to books in English. It's a pretty good selection and includes popular books like Da Vinci code and Harry Potter. There are even recent publications of National Geographic, Time and the sorts. The drawback is of course the cost. A $6 paperback in the States will cost you about $10-15 here. I'll find out if ordering thru Amazon is worth the extra shipping costs....

100 Yen stores:
Before I moved to Japan, a friend of mine told me I will love the 100 Yen shops. These are equivalent to $1 shops! Yeah, finally something cheap! They sell alot more than the $1 stores back home. We even bought our wine glasses there...considering we have don't have plates yet, clearly our priorites are in the right place.