Saturday, December 23, 2006

Japan: Hiroshima - O Christmas Tree

Got a Japanese Christmas tree this year - Love it! You're thinking how is this different? Get ready for this: It is a POP-UP Christmas tree SET.

Set meaning it comes with all the ornaments, ribbon, and lights pre-attached and wired to the tree. You cant' take it on or off so it cuts decorating time to zilch.

Pop-up meaning it is literally just that. The tree folds flat and you pick it up from the top and hang it on the stand. It's hilarious, see pics for illustration!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Japan: Hiroshima - Sushi rolling

Finally tried my hand at sushi rolling, only to find out I STINK! I took a Japanese cooking class where we made California rolls. It was delicious, but you have to make the sushi rice just right - the amount of rice vinegar that is mixed into the rice is definitely what gives it the best taste. I've had sushi where they don't put rice vinegar in and it is too plain and blah without.

Here are pics of my attempts. Notice the insides were squished out of my first roll, otherwise I made them too fat.